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Old December 3rd, 2019, 07:58 PM
dml1280 dml1280 is offline
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Default Re: Ampersand in external data file

Sometimes I have a hard time realizing where a FusionPro issue ends and where a MarcomCentral issue starts.

Either way...the UntaggedDataField code worked!

I really appreciate all your back and forth with me.

Thank you again.
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Old December 9th, 2019, 02:58 PM
jwhittaker jwhittaker is offline
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Default Re: Ampersand in external data file

Can you try this
returnStr = '';

if(FusionPro.Composition.isPreview == true || FusionPro.inValidation == true)

numRecsExtDF = externalDF.recordCount;

for (recordWalker=1; recordWalker <= numRecsExtDF; recordWalker++)
if (ReplaceSubstring(externalDF.GetFieldValue(recordW alker, 'Facility'), "&amp;", "&") == Field("Facility"))
returnStr += (ReplaceSubstring(externalDF.GetFieldValue(recordW alker, 'Facility'), "&amp;", "&");

return returnStr;
FusionPro VDP Creator 10.0.26 | MacOS 10.13.4 | Acrobat DC
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