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Default Pulling in PDF pages

Good morning,

I have a rule that I need a little help on.

The client is sending us one very large pdf file and I need to split it into single record pdfs by the page count in their data.

Record 1 would be pdf pgs 1-6
Record 2 would be pdf pgs 7-10
Record 3 would be pdf pgs 11-12
Record 4 would be pdf pgs 13-16
Record 5 wuold be pdf pgs 17-22

Only using the "Count" column in the data, I have Record 1 working using the "graphicRuleNeedsHelp" rule. I just can't figure out how to add the previous record page Counts to the current record page Counts to get the start and ending numbers on the subsequent records.

NOTE: I have a rule, "graphicRuleWorks" which works correctly because I added 2 columns to the data with formulas to get the "start" and "end" pdf pages. I can use this rule, however, I would rather just use their "Count" column they supply.

I'm uploading the collected file for a visual.

Thanks in advance,
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