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Default Re: Composing Several Non-Sequential Records

Hi guys, thanks for the replies. I'm pretty new to FusionPro, only a couple months working with it, I'll try and explain it a little better.

Here's a job that I just got in.

Now normally to send soft proofs I would just pick records 1-9 and compose those. However since there are multiple backs the client has decided that they want to see a sample of each: REFER, PAY, MOBILE etc.

So I am currently picking out a record from the data, for example record 5 in my data would pull up the REFER back, and then I compose from record 5 to 5 to get just that record.

Then I find the record that would pull PAY and so on.

The process to do this is tedious because I have to find the record (if it exists for the back) and then input it, compose, save, find next record, change save name, compose and so on.

What would be really optimal would be a compose records 1,2,3... kind of how a print dialogue box would ask for which pages to print; a range or specific pages (in this case records).
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