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Default Embedded Fonts Repeating

We have a document that we composed that is 14 pages, it starts off as 2mb worth of fonts in it. After its composed the fonts are now 10mb. Upon further review of the output file, it appears that the fonts are repeating in the output.

One example, pages 1-7 use the same font, but instead of only one font being embedded for use across the 7 pages, 7 fonts are being embedded (one per page). Pages 8-14 use two fonts a piece, so there ends up being actually 14 fonts (two for each page) being embedded instead of 2.

Does any one have similar issues with this? It is causing us some file size issues for us.

Adobe CTRL+D document properties does not pick up on this repeating fonts, but we used pdffonts analyzer and found the issue.
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