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Default Removing commas from inline graphics output


I am using a script suggested from another thread called "floating images". The script works perfect except for one thing, it adds commas and I want to suppress them. The following is my script:

var cellImg = Resource("cell").content;
var voiceImg = Resource("voice").content;
var faxImg = Resource("fax").content;
var emailImg = Resource("email").content;

var numbers = [
    [Field('EMAIL'), emailImg],
    [Field('PHONE'), voiceImg],
    [Field('CELL'), cellImg],
    [Field('FAX'), faxImg]
    ].filter(function(s){return s[1]}).map(
            return '<p br=false superoffset=70 superratio=100>' + s[1] + '<superscript> ' + s[0] + '</superscript>';
return numbers;
As I stated above, the script works fine but the output includes commas between each element. I do not want those commas. Just removing the commas between each element after the ']' results in errors. Can someone assist me with how I go about suppressing the commas?

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