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Default Re: Horizontal Scale of Font

Check out page 50 on the TagsRefGuide.pdf in the FusionPro documentation.

Sounds like you're looking for the "setwidth" tag. It's set in points (not percentages) so if you have a 12 pt font, to get a 75% width using the setwidth tags, you'd have to specify 9 points:
return 'Regular text <setwidth newsize="9">text that is 75% the width. <setwidth newsize="12">Back to regular text.';
Note that there is not a closing tag for "setwidth" so you'll need to set it back to the original width if you don't intend for everything that follows it to have a width of 9 points. You could also create a function to do this for you:
function SetWidth(text, percentage, size) {
  var size = size || 12;
  var percentage = percentage || 1;
  var width = size*percentage;
  return '<setwidth newsize="' + width + '">' +
    text + '<setwidth newsize="' + size + '">';

return 'some regular text' + SetWidth('some text that is 75% the width', 0.75, 12) + 'some regular text ' + SetWidth('some text 150% wider', 1.5, 12);
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