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Default Re: Letters Position of Body Text & Signature

I created my rule and added it to my letter, but it isn't inserting the signature.

When I created the rule, it validated successfully in the rule window. I also selected return as tagged text like it was in the cellphone tutorial.

if (Field("AE Name")=="Andy Shulman")
    return "<graphic file=Andy Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Ashley Smith")
    return "<graphic file="Ashley Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Ben Wynett")
    return "<graphic file=Ben Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Candice Wall")
    return "<graphic file=Candice Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Fred Greer")
    return "<graphic file=Fred Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Keith Tinsley")
    return "<graphic file=Keith Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Laura Donnes")
    return "<graphic file=Laura Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Linda Bishop")
    return "<graphic file=Linda Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Mary Barton")
    return "<graphic file=Mary Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Stan Evans")
    return "<graphic file=Stan Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Steve McCart")
    return "<graphic file=Steve Sig.pdf>";
else if (Field("AE Name")=="Thomas Gable")
    return "<graphic file=Thomas Sig.pdf>";
Any thoughts?
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