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Default Re: Inline graphic issue

Well, for starters, if the code in your template matches exactly what you posted above, there are some minor 'quote' issues. Your code should read as:
return '<graphic file = "signatures/howe_signature.tif" width="14400" height="3600">';
If that still doesn't work (or you already had the quotes correct in your template), then I would begin playing around with the naming of the path to your signature file(s). I have had to use some truly bastardized path naming conventions in the past (i.e. ../signatures/sig.tif even though folder is at same level as template) and if possible, I will usually use an absolute path rather than a relative one. For absolute paths, I usually drop the file in question into the Terminal app and then copy and paste the path it provides.

If you have a limited number of signatures, I have found it easier to add them as resources and refer to them that way rather than pointing to them in a relative path.
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