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Default Need a rule to let user choose btw picklist & "enter your own text"

I want to offer a VDP Banner that will display some custom text. I want the user to be able to pick between typing their own text manually or, if they choose, pick from a drop-down menu of pre-determined messages.

I only want one to be displayed, so if they start off typing manually and then realize they would rather have the preset messsage, all they have to do is pick from the drop-down and the half typed in message is replaced with the drop-down message.

I'm worried the banner will display both. How can I set up the rule so one field clears out the other - basically resetting it start/blank?

I'm assuming the template will need two text boxes with one sitting in front/on top if the other. The customer should only see two field in the form, a input box and a picklist


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