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Default Re: Help with complex composition

Sure, no problem. It's very rough, no graphics, just the text. Before I went to the trouble of "fancying it up", I wanted to make sure I could get the variable pages to work. I don;t even have an imposition yet. The three pages are named and marked as unused (as per one of the training videos), so you will have to turn them on.

I did find some errors in the code I posted last night. I had an unknown variable because I had missed changing "couponsPerBook" to "ticketsPerBook" and the OnRecordStart gave an error to the lone "FusionPro.Composition.SetBodyPageUsage(Front, true)" I had at the beginning. It said "Front" (name of the cover page) was unknown.

I hope to get better at all this stuff, but it's hard learning scripting as I try to do this project and also teaching myself MySQL at the same time (needed for another part of the project). So, thank you for looking into this issue for me. I really appreciate it.
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