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Default Connecting graphic frames

I'm trying to create a rule that allows a customer to upload a 2 page PDF and have the second page of the uploaded PDF flow to the second page of my template. I've been in constant contact with support on this and seem to hit a wall.

My Rule:

var pathName = "..\\RESOURCES\\";
var FullResourcePath = pathName + "<graphic file=" + Field("Cover") + ".pdf">;
var x = new FusionProResource(FullResourcePath, "graphic", 1);
if (!x.exists)
ReportError("Graphic not found: " + FullResourcePath);
var pdfString = '';
for (var pgnbr = 1; pgnbr <= x.countPages; pgnbr++)
x.pagenumber = pgnbr;
pdfString += x.value + '<p>\n';
Print("Result is: " + pdfString);
return pdfString;

Please note on this rule I do get a syntax error

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
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