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Default Re: DataMatrix with sheet number

As their names suggest, properties like FusionPro.Composition.impositionSheetNumber and FusionPro.Composition.impositionTotalSheets work only if you're actually using Imposition (with an FPI file created in FusionPro Imposer, specified on the Imposition tab of the Composition Settings dialog, after checking the "Use Imposition Definition" box).

As you discovered, since you have the "Re-evaluate this rule for every text flow" box checked in your rule, you can use the properties
FusionPro.Composition.currentPageNumber and FusionPro.Composition.totalPages instead. However, those will output per-record page numbers, not per-job page or sheet numbers.

Frankly, the entire concept of "Need a unique DataMatrix barcode on front of each sheet of a set" is meaningless in a non-imposed job, since technically there are no output "sheets" or "sets" at all, just pages. (And the fact that you intend to impose the job on the press/RIP at some point in the future doesn't impact whether FusionPro knows to treat the job as imposed when it's doing the composition, let alone whether FusionPro knows how the pages might hypothetically be laid out onto imposed sheets by such a future process.)

Even if you do know exactly how the job is going to be imposed in the future, i.e. how many pages will go onto each imposed sheet (the "n" in "n-up"), then you could theoretically just do some math with the FusionPro.Composition.pageNumberInJob property to figure out what the sheet number will be for each page. But, FusionPro does NOT have a FusionPro.Composition.totalPagesInJob property, because it doesn't do a "look ahead" or pre-processing step to determine exactly how many records or pages (or sheets) will be composed unless it needs to do that for (stacked) imposition.

Furthermore, if you are using barcodes which really are per-imposed sheet, rather than per-page, then you probably don't want to output those numbers on the pages themselves at all. Instead, you want to output the barcode once on each imposed sheet, outside of the trim area of any finished page. The way to do this is to set a custom imposition sheet background, as in the example here:

Again, though, all of that requires that FusionPro is doing the imposition. Otherwise, FusionPro has no way of looking into the future to a scenario where you might possibly be re-processing its composed output, such as by imposing it on a press or RIP, therefore it has no way to know what sheet numbers to typeset or encode into a barcode when it's composing.
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