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mhilger August 24th, 2009 07:45 AM

AFP Validation - We Need Your Help!
Hello everyone,

As you may have heard, Printable has announced our 10th VDP output format - AFP. This will be an add-on module to our FusionPro Direct and Server products as well as the MarcomCentral Web to Print offering.

Unlike the other VDP output formats, which are quite device INDEPENDENT, AFP is a device DEPENDENT output format. Different printing systems that utilize AFP require different "flavors" of the AFP printstream with variance on such elements as DPI of elements in the print file (e.g. 240dpi vs. 300dpi) and color/B&W settings.

It it Printable's intention to support the vast majority of AFP printing systems in our market but to do so, we need your help.

We have validated our AFP with a partner-supplied viewer and we've successfully tested the output on a number of devices already. However, we would like to expand this testing to include other devices.

If you are willing to assist us with this effort, please reply to this post letting us know or shoot me a message here in the forums. We'll be in touch with some questions about your device and will be able to supply some AFP output for you to test with.

Thanks in advance for those willing to help us perfect this important new feature in our offering!

BurnsNH March 25th, 2014 12:52 PM

Re: AFP Validation - We Need Your Help!
I would be interested in helping you validate some AFP output.
I have a few AFP printers from Infoprint 4100, Oce's etc...

I have the AFP output module for FP, but I would like to see some sample AFP jobs, to learn how to map the fonts etc..


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