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mhilger November 19th, 2009 11:32 AM

Installing Rosetta for Mac OS 10.6
Hi all,

With the release of FusionPro Desktop 6.1 for Mac, FusionPro now supports the Mac OS 10.6 operating system.

To utilize FusionPro Desktop with Mac OS 10.6, users must ensure that Rosetta is installed on their 10.6 Mac. While the Mac OS should detect that FusionPro Desktop requires Rosetta when the Desktop software is installed and prompt the user to automatically install Rosetta, manual installation of Rosetta is also possible.

To manually install Rosetta under Mac OS 10.6:
  1. Insert the Mac OS 10.6 installation DVD
  2. When the DVD is mounted, select “Optional Installs” then “Optional Installs.mpkg”
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions for agreeing to the software license and selecting the hard drive for installation.
  4. In the “Installation Type” step, select the box next to Rosetta from the list of applications presented.
  5. Continue the installation process. After successful installation, a confirmation message will appear.

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