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Dmiller35 May 26th, 2021 09:05 AM

Complex Multi-record setup
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I'm currently working on contestant pages for a book that will have 2 contestants per page and there are left and right layouts.
I know it would be better to have 4 body pages and impose each 2up, but design set up the files already as 2 up. I've attached a sample to show what I mean.
Is there a way to have the records flow so that record #1 is top L, #2 is bottom L, #3 is top R, #4 is bottom R, etc?

Each half-page layout will consist of multiple text fields and 3 graphic resources. i just don't know how to tell each to pull from a different record.
Also, I figured at the very least I could add a field to the database telling it left or right but wasn't sure if there was a better option.

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